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Services and Prices



A 90 minute consultation over video call to gather information necessary to form a training plan. We'll discuss everything from your dog's history, to diet and exercise. 

For problems including but not limited to; reactivity to dogs, reactivity to humans, nervousness, frustration, separation anxiety, house training issues, over-excitement, struggling to get and keep your dog's attention, pulling on-lead, ignoring recall and poor food or guest manners.

Behaviour Modification


Requires an Initial Consultation.

A one-hour practical session using behaviour modification techniques to achieve the desired result discussed within the consultation. Multiple sessions will likely be required for effective modification. There is no estimate for how many will be needed as each behaviour problem and each dog is so different.

The Reactivity Package

(RRP £400)

If you have a dog-reactive dog but lack the time and confidence to get going with a behaviour modification plan, this package is for you.


- Initial video consultation

- 30 minute Get To Know Your Dog meet and greet session

- 4x 1 hour Just Me and Your Dog Behaviour Modification sessions

(held on Wednesday and Friday evenings for 2 consecutive weeks)

- 2x Transferring Skills sessions - to teach you what your dog has learned (held on the Saturday at the end of each week)

- 2x Keep In Touch sessions after the package has finished to check in on how you're doing

- Handouts for everything covered so you are better able to continue the training once it is established

This service is not designed to completely solve your dog’s reactivity, but will ensure your dog’s behaviour journey has the best start to increase your success.



A one-hour practical session using force-free training techniques to solve a variety of obedience struggles including focus, loose-lead walking, recall, and house training.

Puppy Chat


A one hour video call to ask any puppy-related questions you might have, and to discuss toilet training, crate training, diet, exercise and mouthing.

Puppy Obedience


For puppies up to
6 Months

Saturdays at 10:30am

A 4 week group course, covering basic positions, food manners, focus, settle, loose-lead and recall.


- Handy Tips and Training Manual

- Puppy training essentials bundle

Held at:

Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park, Stackyard Farm, Eppleworth, Cottingham HU16 5YJ

Troubled Teens Obedience Course


For dogs from 6 months

Saturdays at 10:30am

A 4 week group course, covering focus, settle, food manners and not jumping up, loose-lead and recall.


- Handy Tips and Training Manual

- Training Essentials Bundle

Held at:

Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park, Stackyard Farm, Eppleworth, Cottingham HU16 5YJ

Summer Dogs Obedience Course


Out of season

A 5 week obedience course learning how to:

Have a settled dog for pub gardens, have a dog focussed on you, have calm, enjoyable walks, and have a solid, reliable recall.


- Final Session to practise in public

- 2x Free (Focus and Recall) Ebooks

Free training essentials bundle

- Certificate of completion

Held at:

Percy's Park

Dale Road, Swanland HU14 3PZ

Rubber Band Recall


2024 -
Dates Coming Soon

A 90 minute workshop covering the basics of recall and focus, recall games and how to recall away from distractions. The first hour is taught in an indoor environment to increase learning, the last 30 minutes is held in a secure field to ensure the recall is successful in different environments. 


Free 9m recall long line

Free Rubber Band Recall Ebook

Held at:

Eppleworth Dog Exercise Park,

Stackyard Farm, Eppleworth, Cottingham HU16 5YJ

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